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Apparently I had a birthday.  It was the 4th of June.  My human thinks this is important.  She also thinks my anniversary, which happened two months later, is important.  I don't know why I have a birthday and an anniversary.  Humans are strange.

I met some more of them today.  I was taken in the wheely zoomy metal box thing to a place that had more outside than in.  I didn't really like being in the wheely zoomy metal box, especially because none of the humans were with me.  The spare human (who wasn't making the wheely metal box go zoom by pressing the acceleratrix and turning the turninator) was sitting next to the human who was making the wheely metal box go zoom, and not next to me.  The zoominess was too much for me to handle without a human, so I was obnoxious until the humans made the car not zoom so one of them could sit with me.

Then we arrived at the place that had more outside than in.  I have never seen a place like that - usually that much outside has no inside, or lots of insides.  I know this because I go for walks that my human says are the equivalent of five thousand times the length of me, and we go past many insides in that distance.  I wanted to explore the outside, but the humans wanted to be in the inside, and as they had me in restraints I had to go with them.  The inside had a lot of other humans, two other dogs and a cat.  I was friendly to the other dogs.

I wanted the other dogs to like me.  I told them I am really a lot of fun when you get to know me because I like to play and run and jump and I showed them how I play and run and jump, but I don't think they were impressed.  I kept trying, though.  Sometimes when I tried they ran away.  Other times, they pretended I was not there.  I really didn't like the times they growled at me.  Those times I was glad that I had three humans inside with me.  [ profile] arthwollipot , [profile] miss_terri_girl  and [personal profile] subtle_eye  are some of my humans, and they were all inside so I could go to them and ask them why the other dogs didn't like me.  They think it is just because I am too small and the other dogs are scared of things that are small.  I don't understand.  I am not scared of things that are too big, and most things are too big for me because I am small, but I am very long so I am sure that makes up for it.

I also met a cat.  I did not tell it it was a cat, because when I met it it looked at me as if to say, "Oh, another one," and then lost interest.  I think the humans liked me, though.  They gave me plate food.  One of the other dogs was given food that I didn't get, so when he was not looking I used my wits and wiles to steal some of it.  It was meat.  I like meat.  I also like using my wits and wiles, like I did to eat the packet of biscuits the vegan human gave me that my humans left on the dining table.  I am worried that [profile] miss_terri_girl has already forgotten that in the alphabet D is for "Didn't think you could get up there ..."

Later I will tell you about the inside that I live in, but now I have a new human, [ profile] oothoona , who I am keeping an eye on while pretending to sleep.  I am ever vigilant.  You can never tell when a human will do something silly, like go to the kitchen and completely forget that they went there to get me a piece of dog salami, so I have to keep watch.  Especially on new humans who probably do not know how these things work.
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Being a dog has its disadvantages. For instance, I have neither prehensile fingers nor opposeable thumbs. Because of this, this journal is ghost written by a human. She is my human, you can not have her.

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